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Powerflushing based in Bridgwater, Somerset

Offered throughout Somerset and the surrounding areas

If your central heating system is struggling to keep your home warm efficiently, then a powerflush could be ideal solution to meet your needs. Using our professional Kamco equipment, along with safe but strong chemicals, we flush your system using high pressure to get rid of any sludge or other debris that might be clogging the arteries of your central heating system. 

Based in Bridgwater, Somerset, we offer our boiler installation service throughout Somerset and the surrounding area including Exeter, Bristol & Dorchester. 



Powerflushing provides fantastic value because of the benefits it brings. First is the benefit of lowering your energy bills. After a powerflush, your central heating system is no longer working as hard and so providing heat more efficiently. Secondly, powerflushing can help extend the lifespan of your boiler. Again, after your powerflush, your boiler is not having to work nearly as hard so the strain it was put under is removed. This can help save years on the longevity of your boiler. 

Based in Somerset? Contact us for our first class powerflushing service

If you're based in Somerset or the surrounding areas and are interested in having a powerflush from Storm Gas, then please do not hesitate to contact us. 

To get in touch, please give us a call on 07732 464847 or 01278 683949  or leave us a message using our website's contact form. We can help with whatever questions you might have, whether you'd like a clearer idea of what's involved or would like to ask or our professional opinion. We are also more than happy to arrange to provide you with a free estimate upon request. 

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