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LPG services based in Bridgwater, Somerset

You'll be spoilt for choice

When it comes to storage for your bulk LPG tank

We know – some things are best off kept outside. So we store all of our bulk LPG tanks outside your home or business. We have both an above-ground and underground storage option for your bulk LPG tank. And what’s a bulk LPG tank exactly? Simply put, it’s a durable tank which contains LPG and provides efficient energy. Our bulk tanks can be fitted with Auto-ordering technology. This tells us when you’re running low so there’s no need to worry about ordering gas.

If you’d prefer your bulk LPG tank to be hidden, we offer an underground option. The only thing you’ll spot is a discreet green cover, so whenever your gas is running a little low – your tank can be easily accessible for us to refill. Alternatively, an above-ground tank can be installed in most locations onto a fixed base.

As no two homes or businesses are the same, it’s important to us to give our customers choice – especially when it comes to gas storage solutions. To find out about storage options for your home, you can take a look at our what are my storage options page. For the most cost-effective and practical storage option for your business, please contact us.

If you live off mains gas in a house, bungalow, park home or caravan and are fed up with the smell and dirtiness that come with oil heating, then please get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quotation.

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